South Bend Code School helps students learn the fundamentals of web development & design, software craftsmanship, & entrepreneurship.

South Bend Code School is an app incubator for teens and young adults that grants students experience conceptualizing, designing, and building an application that works towards solving real world problems. Whether a student is looking for a highly employable skill set or a better foundation to propel them into higher education, South Bend Code School is here to help.

At the end of the program, all Code School students present their applications at a major tech company, such as Google or Facebook, and exit with a portfolio of work. Additionally, students have the opportunity to join Code Legion, a weekly class for students who have been through our initial program and want to continue building and learning with technology.

No experience? No problem! South Bend Code School is committed to teaching all students how to code, regardless of their previous exposure to technology.
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At South Bend Code School diversity is important.

We work to promote a culturally diverse and inclusive atmosphere for all of our students. Bringing students of different cultural backgrounds together enhances complex thinking and yields a better classroom experience for all.

Students who have completed our program

Individuals served by South Bend Code School through our various programs, school visits, and events

Websites built by students


By maintaining a student to teacher ratio of 5:1, we create an engaging environment that allows students to thrive and excel.

Our instructors want to see our students succeed.

South Bend Code School is committed to helping students obtain the technical skills that will lead to new levels of academic and professional accomplishment. Students will not only build their own applications, but also learn about entrepreneurship, preparing for college, and personal development.

These are not just computer scientists; they are computer scientists with heart.

The instructors we bring into the classroom come with a unique combination of skills. They have the ability to relate to students of all backgrounds on a personal level and have the knowledge to help students to break through technical roadblocks.

Our Team

Alex Liggins | Co-founder

Chris Frederick | Co-founder

Alex Sejdinaj | Co-founder

Brandon Rich | Developer

David Mattia | Instructor

Travis Gayle | Instructor

David Lewis | Instructor

Madelyn Nelson | Instructor

Shaun Whitfield | Instructor

Michael Kennel | Developer

Phillip Williams | Community Outreach