Code Legion

Code Legion

Code Legion is an alumni program that is designed to continue the tech and career development of our students. This program takes place once a week and is available to those who have passed through the South Bend Code School’s introductory program. After a student has gone through our initial program, we want to make sure that the educational opportunities we offer do not end there.

Code Legion gives students the opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of coding and computer science and to apply their knowledge across different platforms.

Students will have access to unique opportunities such as:

  • Presentations and demonstrations from regional technology professionals.
  • Technology related community events such as hackathons at the University of Notre Dame.
  • The ability to continue to work on their portfolio by building new applications.
Example Project


The City of South Bend approached the Code Legion in early 2016 to work on the FalCam, the live feed of a peregrine falcon nest that sits above the County City Building in downtown South Bend with over 10,000 active viewers. The students scoped the project, designed the look of the website, and wrote the code that the city launched.