South Bend Code School came into existence as a way to grow tech talent. In our program, we strive to educate and give coding experience to people from all walks of life.

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Ages 7-9

Students learn the basics of coding by designing games with Tynker. This program uses visual blocks to introduce children to the fundamentals of computer programming while building logical thinking, creativity, and confidence.

Ages 10-12

Students build games with Scratch and use visual elements to learn coding fundamentals. Students will learn concepts such as logic based thinking and creative problem solving while building fun and interactive games.

Ages 13-18

Students in our Jumpstart Web Development program learn three coding languages and get experience building applications centered around solving real world problems. At the end of the program students present group projects for their community and exit with a portfolio of work.

What is Code?

Simply put, code is the language computers use. Almost everything we use today has been touched by code. From video games to the checkout system at the grocery store, code is a critical part of our daily lives. South Bend Code School was formed as a way to give students experience and familiarity with coding.

Focused on the future.

South Bend Code School works with students from a wide range backgrounds. If your student is interested in pursuing technology in college or getting a paid job or internship, we have the team to help. We hope that South Bend Code School is a launchpad for student success in the field of technology. We want to be sure that students know what types of opportunities exist in the world of technology.

A Culture of Diversity

We work to promote a culturally diverse and inclusive atmosphere for all of our students. Bringing students of different cultural backgrounds together enhances complex thinking and yields a better classroom experience for all.

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