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An award-winning company that specializes in teaching youth, adults, and educators skills in computer science

For Educators

Bring computer science to your school!

At South Bend Code School, we partner with elementary, middle, and high schools to assist with integrating computer science into a traditional school day. Whether wanting to try computer science for a few weeks, semester, or an entire year, SBCS offers flexible curricula that are able to fit a school’s needs and desired depth of exposure.

South Bend Code School is able to offer programming that is age and experience appropriate. With a focus on project-based learning, we are able to create experiences that allow students to draw stronger connections to core academic subjects.

  • We can guide you. Integrating computer science into a traditional school day can be challenging. Let us help you find the best options for you and your students!
  • Programming for all grades. We partner with elementary, middle, and high schools.
  • Fit to your schedule. Whether it’s during the school day or after-school, we can help you develop a program that brings computer science education to your students.
  • Cross-curricular learning. We make teaching computer science less time consuming and more manageable by drawing connections between computer science concepts and core academic subjects.

For Adult Learners (Ages 18+)

Intro to Careers and Coding is a 4 session coding program designed to introduce lifelong learners, ages 18 and older, to computer science skills. This course is perfect for participants who are interested in coding, whether that be for educational purposes, workforce retraining, skills development, or general interest.

  • A useful onramp to coding skills. Whether it's for educational purposes, workforce retraining, skills development, or general interest.
  • No experience necessary. This course is for the novices and those just getting started with coding.
  • Learn from the pros. Participants learn from professional programmers.
  • Get hands-on experience. Designed for the individual looking to gain some guided experience with coding, participants learn by “doing”.
  • Discover career pathways. There are many different types of programming languages and career pathways. Learn which ones spark your interest.

For Kids & Teens (Ages 7-18)

Learn valuable tech skills from awesome coding instructors.

  • All levels of experience are welcome! An innovative environment for beginner to advanced coders.
  • Practice professional programmer techniques (ex. writing clean code, debugging, and documentation).
  • Finish with a clear deliverable. Participants build tech projects that demonstrate the skills that they learn.
  • Start coding on your first day. No class lectures; participants apply the skills that they’re learning right away.
  • Work with rockstar coding instructors who help to explain the complicated parts and give participants academic and industry insight into the world of technology.

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