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School Partnerships

Need help starting or improving your school’s computer science program?

We enjoy partnering with elementary, middle, and high schools to teach computer science skills to more students! We offer customized support for classroom management, curriculum development, and teacher training.

Whether wanting to try computer science for a few weeks, semester, or an entire year, we offer flexible curricula to fit a school’s needs and desired depth of exposure.

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In School Program

Want to incorporate computer science concepts into your regular school day? We train and support educators in bringing computer science curriculum and coding lessons into the classroom.


Build basic programming skills and get more comfortable with using technology.

Middle School

Learn the fundamentals of many different coding languages and practice creating digital programs.

High School

Learn how technology has the ability to impact people and build ethical digital products.

In our programs, students have the opportunity to learn real-world computer science skills.

On-going Support

  • Requirements gathering for your curriculum needs.
  • Lesson plans and activities.
  • Student progress assessment options.
  • Teacher training before semester begins.
  • Recurring training sessions with the SBCS support team to make sure that your team feels supported. We discuss program developments that are specific to you, student progress, tips for managing a technology classroom, and offer a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of your next coding project and/or activity.
  • Consultation with our team so that the technology skills taught cohesively build on one another from year to year.

Collaborating with Colleges/Universities

We enjoy working with colleges and universities to develop programs that their schools can offer to introduce more non-computer science majors to coding. Students gain experience using tools and methods that are used in professional settings. They also develop a portfolio of work that adequately demonstrates the relevancy of their knowledge and skills to potential employers. This type of program development is beneficial to students who are considering the further pursuit of knowledge in computer science and related fields of technology.

Case Study: Our Intro to Coding Boot Camp for the University of Notre Dame

Have a custom course or curriculum request?

We’d love to talk! To set up some time to chat with us, please email

Coding and computer science are without doubt subjects that are critical in modern education.

High demand is being placed on these skills by employers, governments, districts, and parents. Many schools are trying to figure out how to incorporate computer science-related programs into their day to day programming. We’re here to help!