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Intro to Careers & Coding

Intro to Careers & Coding

We offer programming for lifelong learners, ages 18 and older, as an onramp into the field of computer science. Our programs allow participants to make more informed decisions about committing to furthering their education in technology.

Intro to Coding and Careers is an entry-level coding program for adult learners (ages 18 and older). In each session, participants receive hands-on experience working with computer science technologies and an understanding of technology careers.


The program is a 4-session series, meeting once a week for 90-minute sessions. Participants learn from professional programmers and cover the following topics:

Fundamentals of Web Development

  • Understand basic HTML and CSS.
  • Exposure to functions and basic logic in JavaScript.
  • The ability to create a basic website using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Fundamentals of Database Structures

  • Introduction to the fundamentals of Database Structures and Design, SQL data.
  • An introduction to various data related job types.
  • Hands-on experience with SQL.

Cloud Services & Server Side Code

  • Introduction to cloud providers (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud).
  • Exposure to the function and role of backend services in modern development.
  • An introduction to various backend related job types.

What are people saying about us?

“Spot on. I *REALLY* like the continuing explanations of how different languages and technologies fit in the real world.”

A Coding Participant

Ages 18+

“I’m definitely going to take what I learned about databases and practice with SQL to build my resume and get better at data analysis for my career.”

A Coding Participant

Ages 18+

Collaborating with Colleges/Universities

We enjoy working with colleges and universities to develop programs that their schools can offer to introduce more non-computer science majors to coding. Students gain experience using tools and methods that are used in professional settings. They also develop a portfolio of work that adequately demonstrates the relevancy of their knowledge and skills to potential employers. This type of program development is beneficial to students who are considering the further pursuit of knowledge in computer science and related fields of technology.

Case Study: Our Intro to Coding Boot Camp for the University of Notre Dame